How NicoBloc is Used

How NicoBloc is used...

How NicoBloc is used...

The patented NicoBloc solution is a fluid based on a complex carbohydrate, which, when a drop is applied to the filter of your cigarette before you smoke, will progressively trap proportions of nicotine and tar depending upon how much is used.

One NicoBloc Drop...Week 1

Around 30% Nicotine and Tar is blocked.

Two NicoBloc Drops...Week 2

Around 60% Nicotine and Tar is blocked.

Three NicoBloc Drops...Weeks 3-6

Around 90% Nicotine and Tar normally consumed is blocked and by this stage the work place trials showed that around 60% of users were able to go from here to giving up completely.

Laboratory machine tests at different times has demonstrated the following average nicotine blocking results using 1, 2 or 3 drops of NicoBloc: 2013 (ISO control cigarette - 1 drop 28%, 2 drops 76% and 3 drops 89%), 2009 (Marlboro - 1 drop 44%, 2 drops 73% and 3 drops 81%) and as far back as 1993 (Marlboro 3 drops 98% and Winston 3 drops 97%) - individuals' smoking patterns and other cigarette brands may yield different results.

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