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The NicoBloc Challenge is now for all smokers

The NicoBloc Stop Smoking Workplace Programme, where almost 60% of participants reported having stopped by the end of the course, is now available to all smokers under the new name of 'The NicoBloc Challenge'.

Using the unique NicoBloc support tools for progressively reducing tar and nicotine and setting self-paced smoking reduction goals, can you match the workplace results?

With the right tools, the task is much more achievable

NicoBloc, as with other smoking cessation aids, requires some effort on behalf of the smoker but see the Testimonials page to read what others have had to say about the Challenge.

For many smokers, success is quitting for good. For others it is about cutting down to just a few a day. For others still, the important result is the reduced health risks through removing dangerous amounts of tar from the cigarette smoke. NicoBloc supports the smoker whatever their personal objective is.

Explore this website to learn more about NicoBloc and the support tools available. Use the menu system or the sitemap for easy navigation.

How to use NicoBloc

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