The Wean Machine

The Wean Machine enables a smoker to set easily achievable targets to enable them to gradually reduce their cigarette consumption over six weeks in conjunction with using NicoBloc to either significantly cut down or to stop altogether.

If you are about to start on Week 1, just key in ‘1’ in the week no. box (a) and your current average daily cigarette consumption in the next box (b), and then go straight to the Calculation Button (ignoring the last week scores boxes).

For weeks other than Week 1, put in your week number in the first box (a), ignore the second box (b) and key in your daily smoking levels from the previous week. Then press the Calculation Button.

Pressing the Calculation Button will generate a suggested smoking plan for the following week and remind you of the number of drops of NicoBloc fluid to start putting on your cigarettes. These figures will appear in the darker colour boxes, which are automatically calculated for you.

What week no. are you about to start?   (a) Enter cigs/day at start (use for Week 1 only):   (b)
No. of drops to use per cig this week:  Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Enter last weeks cigs/day scores:

Please note: This calculation is based upon the experience of many smokers who have used this programme to either stop smoking or significantly cut down. The plan is flexible in that the next week’s suggestion is based on what actually happened in the previous week rather than the previous week’s plan as sometimes unpredictable things happen in smoker’s lives that can either speed up or slow down their progress.